2015 LTUE kickoff

Hello to the world! So in pursuit of my future career as an author, I have taken the advice of friends and writing guides and have begun a blog. The final push came after I traveled down to Provo, Utah from Rexburg, Idaho to attend the Writer’s Conference know as Life, the Universe and Everything (LTUE).

I attended LTUE once before in 2013, after completing the National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) challenge a few months earlier. My first novel, The Ten Hands, was up to about 80,000 words and I felt close enough to completion to attempt a Pitch session with a publishing company at the conference. Well, though I gave it my best, neither my novel nor myself were fully ready. Though I did not land a big publishing contract at the time, I still enjoyed the conference and had a strong, positive learning experience.

But now I’m back! The Ten Hands is now a solid 105,000 words and I am two years the wiser. With months of anxious preparation overseen by my wife and our close neighbor, Emily Lott (who is also here to pitch her first novel, the Feather Stone), I feel far more prepared. Come on, I DARE you to ask me what my book is about.

Ok, now it will be awkward if I DON’T tell you what it’s about. The Ten Hands is a historical urban fantasy about an 18th century governess who does not age who dares to challenge ten immortal and murderous spirits. There. That’s all you get for now.

I am currently at home after the first day of conference, trying to pour buckets of new knowledge and experience into my tiny cup of long term memory. Thank goodness for pencils and notebooks. I think for the sake of web page tidiness I shall elaborate on my experience in a following post. In closing, I am pumped to start my blogging experience!


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