R.I.P Beauty

IMG_0837-1After my best efforts, and hers as well I’m sure, Beauty passed away sometime between 3:00-4:00 this afternoon.  It was likely that she was just very, very old and there may have been a secondary infection that she just could not kick.  But it was fairly expected that this would be Beauty’s last year so we are at peace with it.  For any of you who are near me, I will probably cry when I talk about her for the next week or so, but I always allow myself to cry.  It is how I show respect for the friendship we had and to let them know that they were loved.

I know that I preach that snakes are almost purely instinctual and don’t posses such social traits as family bonds, kindness and friendship, but I can honestly attest that Beauty was extremely gentle, patient and trustworthy.  She never bit me (or anyone else) even once, which is more than I can say about 90% of the animals that come through the rescue.  People who were scared of snakes and wouldn’t dare touch a tiny corn snake would feel safe touching or even holding her.  Her most requested service was to come do presentations for the pre-schoolers at the college, where she would simply bury her head into the couch or behind my back and let the kids come feel her body and tail.  Beauty was single-handedly (or more accurately no-handedly) responsible for the majority of the success Wildhouse has had in the Rexburg community.

She will be dearly missed.  She goes on to join her boy-friend and cage mate, Beast in reptile heaven, where the sun is always warm and she can eat chicken drumsticks to her heart’s content.  We love you Beauty, and will remember you always.  Goodbye for now.


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