My Latest Query Letter

After receiving some invaluable feedback, I have composed a new query letter for my first novel, The Ten Hands. Hopefully it is good enough to catch the attention of publishers and agents. Go ahead; give it a quick read.

Dear Agent/Publisher,

What if a spirit which cannot die, a woman that does not age, and a family oath that must never be broken collide in 1865 to change the course of the world?

A secret conflict between supernatural Heroes and paranormal Demons has been hiding between the lines of our folklore and history, and when Whitney Cross is put into prison in 1789, she becomes the epicenter of the whole war. When Whitney sailed from England to the new world, she was beautiful, brave and benign, and always carried a fairy tale on the tip of her lips. But it is only after languishing for decades in a cell for a crime she did not commit that she discovers what is truly special about her.

Whitney Cross does not age. She does not know how or why, but her “gift” becomes of great interest to the British Government. Her meager dungeon grows into an impenetrable fortress, where other with unexplainable talents or powers, generally referred to as Demons, are also captured and held for study. But the small collection of magicians and brutes serve as bait to forces far more sinister and bloodthirsty than anyone could have possibly imagined.

As entire villages begin to be slaughtered by ancient terrors such as the Goliath and the Medusa, Whitney finds herself in a race to galvanize an unlikely band of Heroes out of former captors, inmates and a handful of living legends. Her quest, if not desperate enough, is complicated further as she faces down paranoid mobs, unrequited love, and almost overwhelming sensations of inadequacy. As failure and certain death looms over her and those who followed her she’s faced with a terrible choice; surrender her soul to save thousands of lives, or pray for a miracle.

The Ten Hands is a 110,000 word Paranormal Fiction which reads like a mix between Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander done in the style of Casandra Clare’s City of Bones.


One thought on “My Latest Query Letter”

  1. Sounds like something I would like to read. However, I hope it comes in audiobook form because that is my best availability to hear rather than read. Good luck with the publisher.
    Love grandpa Beardsley


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