My wife’s celebrity Lookalike

So I made the mistake by sharing this one little thought with my wife about 2-3 weeks ago; that it has been said to me from time to time that I look a little bit like Hugh Grant. Not all the time and not all the way, but once in a blue moon, two of our pictures will “line up.”

For example, Jessica made a recent post that compared a very dashing 3/4 profile of Hugh wearing a happy smile with a pained and frustrated me trying to contort my arms in front of my chest. What do you know, it’s a match.

I wanted to pay her back, but ran into a snag; I cannot find a satisfactory celebrity lookalike for Jessica!

Part of the problem is that Jessica can so thoroughly change her appearance at the drop of a hat. A little makeup, a change in attitude and a pose, and it’s like she’s a whole new person. (Which, might I say, is a fun little trait in a spouse).


See what I mean? And that’s just a sample!

I’ve had a few near misses comparing her to Anne Hathaway and Jessica Alba, but still haven’t found the golden match. Anyone have a good guess? You can test out a few guesses at this website: , or you can have fun and try to find your own celebrity lookalike.


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