What I miss about Idaho

It’s been almost 2 months since Jessica and I have left Rexburg, Idaho to live with her family in Dallas, Georgia. In that time, I feel that I have integrated quite nicely into my new home and I’ve settled in for the long haul of at least a couple of years.  And while I realize that the grass is always greener on the other side, there are a few things that I genuinely miss.SAMSUNG CSC

The Horizon: Georgia is just one big forest; a big forest contoured over an ocean of rolling hills. You can’t see anything
here until it’s right on top of you. I can literally be standing at the base of Kennesaw Mountain and not even see that it’s there. It’s no wonder that Jessica is so nervous about tornadoes. I miss being able to stand on a hill in Idaho and see the weather coming from the next county over.

Solitude: I will first state that I am an extrovert and that I love being around people and I never thought I would relate to those “live in a cabin in the woods” kind of guys. But the thing is, even at nearly an hour away from Atlanta, EVERY SINGLE STREET IS BUSY! I suppose this is good news if you have an accident and need some help, but going anywhere always feels like you’re jostling your way through a busy mall. I miss having a secret road or two that you can take to just disappear for awhile.

Magpies and Mosquitoes: You probably all think I’m crazy, but let me explain. Jessica and I rescued a baby magpie once, and he was just the funniest little critter. Ever since then, we notice those little birds all the time and love to hear their calls and watch them glide just barely overhead. As for the mosquitoes, at least the mosquitoes in Idaho have the decency to  bite you like a man. The little buggers out here in Georgia are SO SNEAKY! I can never feel them. I just look down, and there’s one gorging itself on my elbow. Cheap shots! All of them!

Dry Air: The humidity out here is completely unbearable at times! It’s the same thermometer temperature as Idaho most of the time, but I cant walk to my care without getting a sweat spot on my back. I feel so gross! And if you wash something big, like say a carpet, you can’t hang it outside to dry. It will just stay wet forever. FOREVER.

Still, despite my short little rant, there’s much to love about the south. The food is good. I’ve already almost mastered the Biscuits and Gravy recipe. And the forests really are beautiful when you get inside them. Hopefully I’ll find myself in a good career before long and I’ll have some extra time and money to enjoy the sights with my family.



One thought on “What I miss about Idaho”

  1. I like that you and Jessica can bloom where your planted while honestly acknowledging things you miss about your previous home environment. And it’s fun to get to know you as a writer.


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