I Survived 3 Days Away from Civilization!

From 1:00pm on Tuesday afternoon, to 1:00pm Friday, I have lived with only one set of clothes, no internet, and no toothbrush out in the middle of nowhere!

Why? Well, for starters I must clarify that it was largely unintentional. An old man from my church is building a cabin up in rural Northwest Georgia as a pet project of his, and he’s always looking for a young, strong back to accompany him. I think it’s for mixed parts safety, efficiency and company. He pays good, and I’d gone with him one before a month ago, so I was looking forward to this trip as well. Only, we didn’t communicate the details clearly and when I came over to his regular house to trim some shrubs, I didn’t realize that he planned to take me with him to pick up a part for his John Deer skid steer. And I further didn’t realize that after picking up said part that he intended to continue on up to the cabin to start the week’s work!

When I brought up the fact that I didn’t have any thing packed and I’d left my house in complete disarray, he sincerely apologized for the miscommunication and assured me that we’d make due, but there was no way that this boat was turning around when we were already more than halfway there already. So I called my wife, who was a little hysterical at the thought of me being “kidnapped” for manual labor, and we attempted to arrange for some things to be sent to me. I had my phone, wallet, car keys, and the clothes on my back, which consisted of a gym shirt, sweat pants, and a pair of old tennis shoes.

The first day wasn’t so bad. We worked on getting the skid steer working. I got some diesel fuel and grease on me, but I had high hopes that clean clothes and supplies were coming soon. Second day consisted of laying dirt, grass seed and hay all around the house, as well as hauling off load after load of cut tree limbs. It got pretty sweaty and my hands got pretty cut up, and it was all topped off by word that the trip to bring me my things was canceled. My father-in-law offered to come “rescue” me, but we really needed the money and all I needed were a few commodities. I figured I could hold on one more night, because my boss’s family was planning to come up to visit tomorrow and they could bring my things.

The next day we set out to work on the pond (or at least the patch of dirt that was supposed to be the pond). He dug out literally tons of dirt with the skid steer and I dug a trench through rocky soil with an actual pickax. It was exhausting and I donated at a pint to the local mosquito charity and I swear nearly lost my boss at least three times over the edge of the ditch. On the bright side, my boss agreed that we’d be heading back tomorrow (Friday) rather than Saturday like he originally intended. The down side, his family didn’t see the point in bringing me my stuff that evening if we were just going to head back the next day. Oh, and to top it all off, the cows across the street were just set out in the pen and they cried and cried all night long. I never realized they were so loud!

So, finally Friday morning came. And thank goodness, it was RAINING! With nothing we could really do around the cabin, we decided to call it and head back after lunch. I got home and was sent immediately into the shower by my wife. I didn’t mind.


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