My Physical Second-Wind

It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything professional with my gymnastics or dancing skills. And by “professional” I mean more than a couple of handstands or back flips PER MONTH. I’m 30 now, knocking on the door to 3,1 and to be honest I expected that my best best days were behind me and the rest of my life was going to be a long slow downhill for my body.

In the process of looking for a decent job to work in the evenings I came across the Cobb County Gymnastics Center. I’ve taught gymnastics before, and I used to take pride in both my tumbling skills and my ability to teach, so I thought I’d go and try it out. I got hired as an instructor for a really excellent competitive team, the Cobb Challengers. My team is a level 3 team of about 15 gymnasts. They’re very athletic, disciplined, and they love to learn. The only catch; it’s a girls team! A few new skills, some unfamiliar equipment, but I’m doing a good job following the learning curve.

But the biggest deal out of it all, I’m picking up my gymnastics again. Initially I expected to find it difficult; find that I’m out of shape and that I’d forgotten how to do most of my skills. But what I found was almost the exact opposite. Not only could I tumble about as well as I used to, but some of my skills had “miraculously” improved!

On pommel horse I was never able to do hip circles very well. 2nd try I did two good ones in a row. My kips on high bar used to be hit or miss. Now, after a couple of warm up tries I’m pulling off near perfect ones each time. How do I explain this phenomenon? After spending years teaching students proper technique on how to do their skills, I seem to have absorbed the knowledge on accident. It’s really cool.

Now that I seem to be in the best gymnastic shape of my life, I feel motivated to exercise more and expand my talents. I’m going to see if I can learn how to do double back tucks on the floor and the iron cross on the rings. Wish me luck!


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