Baby Names, Open Discussion

Likely Fraternal.
Genders as of yet unknown.

This is what came up when I did a search for “Top Baby Names 2015,” so probably not any of these. Jessica has had to share her name with too many classmates and co-workers to wish the same on our kids.

Also, I just thought that the meme I used for the post was funny. I don’t actually hate any of you, even if I don’t want to use your name(s) for my kids.


2 thoughts on “Baby Names, Open Discussion”

  1. i asked Jessica not to use the name Shirley I have never cared for my first name. I do like Della and Jackson. Charlotte Is going to be this and next years names because of Princess Charlotte of England. However, I really like the name Charlotte. The year 2010 was popular for Ava. I love the name Amelia. I love both of you, whatever you are happy with.


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