Remington Tal and Myles Kieve Beardsley!

Myles: Born at 3:08 am, weighing 3 lbs 10 oz,       17″ long
Remington: Born at 3:09 am, weighing 4 lbs 15 oz,  18.25″ long

A C-Section was necessary, but both came out healthy and cried right away. The C-Section was little Remi’s fault, as he cut in line ahead of Milo (who was the original “Baby A”) and then insisted on staying “sunny-side-up” in the birth canal. But he learned a life lesson literally right out of the womb; budging is rude, messes up the system, and doesn’t get you anywhere in the end. Myles still came out first, and Remington got a nice little cone head pressure imprint as a consolation prize.

But truthfully, I think Remi did what he did for his brother. Milo was much smaller, and Remi probably wanted to stall and buy him as much time as he could so his brother could grow enough to be healthy when he was born. Mission accomplished.

So in the end the pregnancy and delivery didn’t go exactly as we planned, but the final results are still fantastic! At long last, Jessica gets to have a nice long victory nap. Me… I can hardly sleep! Gonna post this and then see if my baby boys are ready for a visit!

Bonus: I got lucky with the C-Section and weaseled out of having to cut the cords 🙂   I have a phobia-ish of blood vessels, and those things are basically giant veins.

Bonus #2: In the operating room I had a chance to confirm or dismiss a number of stereotypes I’d learned from TV and Movies; They are NOT all dark rooms with interrogation lights over the patients, and the doctors really DO listen to rock music while they operate!

-Picture Updates-

Myles Kiev
Remington Tal
Remi didn’t want a pacifier. All he wanted was the plastic of his IV tubes
Milo, despite his small size, behaved like a proper new baby, looking around and practicing sucking on a pacifier

6 thoughts on “Introducing…”

  1. Alan with your giving loving nature, plus your kindness and patience you are going to make a wonderful father. Jessica and you together will lead them, walk beside them and teach them all that they should do.

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