Jessica’s Labor: Updates

Alright, because so many of you are in so much suspense, I’ll try to list off all the good highlights that have been going on.

April 16, 2016

  • I get home from my Gymnastics meet around 9:00 pm. At this time Jessica is having some rough contractions.
  • 10:00 pm, we call the doctor’s office and they tell us to go ahead and bring her in to monitor the babies.
  • 10:30 pm, she’s at 3.5 cm and 90% effaced. They decide to admit her.
  • 11:30 pm, we get a room and make ourselves comfortable. Her mom joins us and has remained with us this entire time.

April 17, 2016

  • We get some sleep. Around 4:00 am Jessica’s dad drops off our car and our luggage. He’s on duty to take care of the animals while we’re gone.
  • 6:45 am, Baby B’s water broke. No going back now.
  • 8:00 am they check her again. 5 cm, but it’s getting more painful. With the water broke they suggest starting the epidural now, just in case things progressed quickly. Ha…
  • Between 10:00 am and about 4:00 pm they try readjusting the epidural 3 times because it’s just not doing much for Jessica. In her words, “I could probably get up and dance a Samba if I wanted to.” Despite the failed epidurals, she manages to get a few more hours of sleep.
  • 5:00 pm, she’s up to 7 cm but her contractions are slowing down because she’s having trouble staying awake. They “threaten” to start her on pitocin, so she decides to sit up and make another go of it.
  • 7:00 pm, Jessica did a good job of working up some good stretches of 3 min contractions, but we decide to start pitocin after someone finally explains to us that it’s different than being induced, which we kinda thought it was.
  • 10:30 pm, She’s up to 9 cm and the contractions are right on target. All of the nurses and doctors are being really supportive!

April 18, 2016

  • 12:02 am, Jessica’s at 10 cm and the nurses have her try out some practice pushes for the first time! Going to give her 30 minutes in an upright position to get her ready.
  • 12:45 am, Jessica says she’s “ready.” Probably going to head to the O.R. soon. We have to, because it’s twins and they want to be ready for an emergency C-Section if it’s necessary.
  • 1:50 am, false alarm. There’s still a little bit of cervix at the edges of the baby’s head and they need to call in the doctor to consult. Baby’s are starting to show signs of stress during contractions.
  • 2:10 am, the doctor exam shows that both the cervix and baby are not cooperating. At this point it is recommended to move on to a C-Section. The concern, of course, is that the epidural has not been very effective, so they will possibly try a spinal block. Wish her luck.

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