So who are these guys?

At just over a day old, the Beardsley twins are already showing us a good bit of their budding personality.

Myles Kieve

“Smiles” Myles:

Little Milo may be the smaller of the two, but he’s certainly the most eager to grow. Within his first few hours in the open air he began taking to his pacifier, mastering the suckling motions in only a few tries. Well, except sometimes he forgets to come up for air. Air is new. We’re still learning that it’s important.

When he cries he mostly just squeaks and coos. And what makes him most upset is when we have to take him away from Grandma Wallace, who he’s grown very attached to already. Besides sucking on his pacifier, he enjoys skin-to-skin snuggles and looking at his incubator light (which he no longer needs now that his temperature is self-stabilized).

Myles favors his left hand for exploration and thumb-sucking, though most of the time it misses his mouth and gets caught in a nostril.


Remington Tal

“Rowdy” Remi:

Remington is affectionately referred to by the NICU staff as the “little bruiser.” Bigger and stronger than Myles, the nurses learned quick that you have to swaddle him extra tight, or else he would simply bust loose to splay his little limbs in the open air. His eyes are bright and full of curiosity and you can often catch him just looking around the room, trying to find out where the beeping sounds are coming from. Oh there it is; it’s just the SpO2 reader kicked loose… again.

Skin-to-skin time with mommy is great, but with daddy he keeps coming away with unwanted souvenirs in the form of stolen chest hairs attached to the tape on his leads. I mean, Jessica keeps telling me that its a good activity to help with bonding, but I just didn’t expect it to be adhesive in nature…

At this point in time, Remi definitely favors his right hand. Even before birth, he was often spotted with his right hand to his mouth during the ultrasounds. Sometimes he gets frustrated because of the IV line and all of the bandaging on his arm prevents him from sucking on his fingers, but he’s adapted and learned to just mouth the plastic instead. I can tell he’s inherited my upper lip, because he can already tweak it to one side Elvis Presley style just like I can.

Both babies are ticklish like me and act like their being murdered whenever they place a thermometer tip under their armpits (I’m so proud). And while I intend to train them to be ambidextrous when they’re older, I’d like to believe their Left and Right handedness is due to their respective positions in the womb. For most of the time ever since they turned head down, Remi’s right hand was to his brother and Milo’s left was to him. Whenever their respective limbs moved, there was always a friend there to respond.


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