Finally… found time to… type something!

If you had been following my blog posts last year, you probably noticed an abrupt cessation of activity on my site, right around the beginning of May. It is no coincidence that this change directly coincided with the arrival of our two lovely twin boys; Myles Kieve and Remington Tal!

Do you know that the only nights in which I’ve had a full eight hours of undisturbed sleep in the past 9 months were when I left home to visit my sick dad in Iowa for a week? (And Jessica is SOOOOO jealous of me for them, despite the unfortunate circumstances behind my vacation). And my lack of writing has not been wholly the result of having less free time; which while true, I am forced to admit that I could have made the time if I really really wanted to. But do you know what sleeping in 2-3 hour increments every day for nearly a year does to your wants? It makes you want things like 45 minute cat naps on the couch, and half-hour episodes of mind-numbing sitcoms that you can binge play on Netflix in the background while trying to stay awake to keep two rambunctious infants happy between their morning naps. I have gone through My Little Pony twice just since December. 90% of the time the mere thought of being productive is laughable.

But at long last, Milo and Remi are starting to grow into the toddler phase. This means ever expanding capabilities of independence. They no longer have to be held or nestled or buckled in all their waking hours in order to be comfortable. They are expanding into solid foods, allowing us some relief form the relentless demands of their nursing schedule. They can go relatively long stretches with minimal mental investment in a baby safe room full of toys, requiring only the occasional assistance when getting stuck or having bonked a head while crawling about. They are also sleeping in longer stretches through the night with greater regularity, though often this is done out of sync with one another. Very frustrating. But I feel myself slowly waking from my zombie routine and feeling my creative wheels squeaking back to life.

It will be some time still before I feel fully back in the game, but it feels good to at least get this far. I should be able to finish a handful of my incomplete drafts (yes, I have attempted to post something a time or two before) and get updated on where my life stands, over the course of the month. There, I said it. I hear that announcing a goal publicly drastically increases the odds of achieving it. On that note, I guess I’d better get to work!


One thought on “Finally… found time to… type something!”

  1. Alan you are a fantastic father/daddy. Someday when your boys are on missions and away attending university, in their hearts they will remember the warmth of their fathers love and want to connect. Enjoy those times and this time it is worth all the lost hours of sleep.


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