The Blessing of Balance with Twins

I’m not just talking about how it’s actually more comfortable to carry two car seats over moderate distances than just one, even though it is true, and is a great workout for the arms. But having two children of nearly equal standing I find gives the Universe unforeseen opportunities to teach you the value of the little things.

For starters; a short while ago Myles made us ecstatic by saying his first word. “Ma ma.” Okay, that’s somewhat a stretch. He was basically just playing with sounds in his mouth and happened to pop off in the middle of nursing, looked up into Jessica’s eyes and mumbled, “ma ma, ma ma ma ma ma…” I thought it was too unwieldy to be considered an actual word, but Jessica’s competitive and won the argument with a defiant, “It counts, dang it!”

Well, turnabout is fair play, and just a little over a week after that, Remington was chewing on his pacifier when he started to go, “da da, da da da da da…” While my logical mind knows that this 9 month old had no real idea what he was trying to do, hearing the sounds “Da da” reflexively plucked my heartstrings and made me feel so proud. This was when the idea was first brought up that we were blessed to have the opportunity to keep things balanced between the two twins.

When we go out shopping, we each get to take a baby in a separate cart, allowing us both to witness and enjoy the interactions of our boys and friendly strangers. When taking pictures we each get to hold a bouncing bundle of joy on our lap. But those are obvious benefits. Let me list a few that I feel are more unique to Milo and Remi.

  1. When feeding them baby food, Remington started off as a hearty and eager eater, more willing to try things like cereal, mango or avocado. But he also has a habit of putting his finger in his mouth right after taking a bite, which makes a mess. I hate food messes, btw. Myles can be a bit trickier to keep interested in eating his food, but at least he’s clean.
  2. Milo learned to crawl first, but in turn kinda skipped learning how to sit up on his own; a skill which Remi excels at.
  3. Remington love to rough-house, but Myles prefers silly faces and singing.

There are more, I’m sure, but I’ve gotta wrap things up sometime. If any of you have ever had twins, I’m sure you’ve felt a little of the same thing. Which is all part of God’s plan to reward parents who are willing to put up with double trouble.


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