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If I were President…

In this wing of my Blog I will make posts about ideas I have about the problems of micro and macro society. I am primarily interested in finding, forming and fixing good ideas. This is not a place for venting or slandering, and I do not intend to promote particular Parties or Politicians. Hopefully my ideas can stand on their own.

If you have suggestions to improve upon and idea given, or if you have information that gives evidence contrary to my idea, please speak up! I in no way suppose myself to be the end-all expert in these matters. Rather, I hope to be a caretaker and moderator of an intelligent conversation. Thank you!



Primary Elections: The Back-up Choice

If I were President…

… I would suggest that when voting for a candidate during the Primaries, voters are allowed to select a 2nd choice.

The common phrase I heard among friends and across social media this election year (2016) that it was a “Choice between two Evils.” Few seemed to be 100% behind their own candidate, but regarded him or her to be vastly preferable to the other.

The post of President of the United States is far too important to be decided by a fear of not winning. We should be giving our support to those we feel are the wisest, most honorable, and most qualified. But in the system’s current state, it’s weighted a little too far in favor of Celebrity and media saturation. With only one vote, no one wants to waste it on someone they fear is too obscure to get votes from others, no matter how qualified.

But what if we could eliminate, or at least mitigate that fear; the fear of a wasted vote? What if when casting our ballots, we were allowed to have a back up choice?

Here’s how it would work: The ballot would allow you to pick two candidates; your first choice and then a back-up one. Should your first choice candidate drop out of the running, your vote would automatically go to your second pick. This would be a logistical nightmare back in the days of pen and paper, but technology is at the point now that the programming should be pretty easy.

Mind you, I believe the 2nd pick ballot should be used in the Primary Elections when parties are picking their candidates, but I don’t think it’s necessary for the final Presidential Elections.